Kristina Modée
Mariana Nicolau
Rosa Strube
Nikola Berger
David Hall
Rob Moore

Meet Kristina

Kristina Modée, Project Director, CSCP

“I know from personal experience how hard it can be to change one’s behaviour, especially when it comes to consumption. However, if we want to stop climate change and live in a more fair world, it is essential to work from all angles: with policy and regulation, business and civil society, and with the individual behaviour of each one of us. Here, I believe that NGOs can have a tremendous potential as trustworthy multipliers and change agents, if they are able to integrate more behaviour change knowledge into their own activities and campaigns.”

Meet Mariana

Mariana Nicolau, Project Manager, CSCP

“Only sustainability strategies that address behaviour change and mindset shift will be successful. Here is why: there is an intrinsic human element to the sustainable transition, which is as complex as inevitable. NGOs have the opportunity to take the lead in making this new paradigm possible.”

Meet Rosa

Rosa Strube, Sustainable Lifestyles Expert, CSCP

“Our everyday behaviours have a large impact on sustainability. Addressing what each of us eats, how we live and how we get around will be essential in reaching more sustainable societies. As we have seen in the past years, technology alone will not be able to bring along this change, and rebound effects often offset positive developments. Therefore, we need behaviour change insights to reach sustainable lifestyles!”

Meet Nikola

Nikola Berger, Creative Coordinator, CSCP

“At the CSCP mainstreaming sustainability is our mission. For the Academy of Change we want to enable others to mainstream behaviour that reduces CO2 emissions. One barrier is that all of us working in the field are part of the ‘converted’ that look for resources and inspiration outside of the mainstream. That’s why looking at marketing strategies that have been employed successfully for selling goods is so important. We need to get out of the bubble and into the mainstream”

Meet David

David Hall, Director, Behaviour Change

“Since establishing our social enterprise in 2009, we’ve seen rapidly increasing interest in the science of behaviour change and the decisive role it can play in engaging citizens around better, healthier, more sustainable lifestyles.  Across the charity sector, more and more organisations are seeking to bring this discipline to bear on the major challenges they face.  It’s exciting to be part of an initiative that aims to make the science (and art) of behaviour change so widely accessible.”

Meet Rob

Rob Moore, Project Manager, Behaviour Change

“Behavioural science has become a hot topic of discussion but designing behaviour change campaigns that really work requires more than just theoretical knowledge. Our experience of delivering projects on the ground shows that the importance of deep insight into your target audience cannot be underestimated and feasibility, scalability and creativity are vital criteria for success. We’re excited to collaborate with partners who want to use the power of behavioural insight in their work.”